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Join us for our return to rated competitive play! We will be holding a 3-Strike KO tournament and a Pin-Golf course for players of all skill levels. We will be hosting a 3 Strike Knockout Tournament as well as a 9 Hole Pin-Golf course.

We are asking for a house fee donation of $10 to attend in addition to any tournament entry fees. You do not have to participate in a tournament to attend.

Players of all skill levels are encouraged to try both formats. Both tournaments can be played simultaneously. Just remember it's more fun to compete!



Knockout Tournament

Format: 3-Strike Group Knockout
When: 8/1/2021 - 12:00pm
Cost: $10

In the group knockout format players are grouped into 3 or 4 player groups. Each group plays a randomly assigned game. The top two players in each group remain safe. The bottom two players, or last place in 3-player groups, are given a strike. After each group has played a game, everyone is randomly regrouped and the format repeats. Once you have 3 strikes you are eliminated from the tournament.

Pin-Golf Tournament

Format: 9 Hole Pin-Golf Course
When: 8/1/2021 - 12:00pm
Cost: $1

Pin-Golf is a casual format. Players get a score card and play indicated machines at their leisure. Each machine will have a target score. Players who reach this score on their first ball, are considered to have a Hole-in-One and would record a score of 1 for that machine. If someone fails to reach that score on ball one, but make it on subsequent balls they would record the ball they are currently on for their score. For example, achieving the target score on ball four would result in a score of 4 on that game. If you do not achieve the target score by the end of ball five use the chart on the game to figure out your score for that game (a maximum of 10).

Players are encouraged to buddy up and play together (each score must be witnessed), but you can play in any order and switch player groups at any time. Once all sheets are in, or the cutoff time is reached the top 8 players will go on to play finals (Pin-Golf format). No new games are to be started once there is only one group remaining in the main knockout tournament.

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